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Invicta watches have a bad reputation in the collector community. Wearing almost any Invicta watch will be frowned upon by a lot of enthusiasts, but is all the hate well-founded, or is it simply the cool thing to do?

This article will go into a deep analysis to determine once and for all: are Invictas good watches?

Why do Invictas Have a Bad Reputation?

There are several reasons why Invictas are treated the way they  are in  the watch industry, here are the most common reasons.

Quality Control

The quality control is undoubtedly the biggest issue with Invicta watches. This explains why there's such a disparity of opinions when it comes to this brand. 

Some people claim to have owned several Invictas over the year, and all of them were good and reliable. On the other hand, you hear a lot of horror stories such as this one from Watchuseek forum user Leewmeister:

My personal experience: Four Invictas, three of them duds. 
One popped a sub-dial hand within a month. Returned for a full refund. Two of them died in under a year. Both were repaired under warranty and died again within a few months. [...]
Me? I'm done with the brand.

This kind of experience explains why  almost every Invicta model has constantly 10% to 15% of 1 or 2 stars reviews(as pictured below).

Invicta 8926OB

Amazon review example

Orient Bambino

Amazon review example (Bambino)

As you can see, the Invictas get much more bad reviews than trustable brands such as Orient, Seiko, Citizen, etc.. When you dig deeper, you realize most of these 1 or 2 stars reviews are given for some quality control issue (ex: the watch arrived broken).

Inflated MSRPs

The boosted MSRP is the next reason why so many people hate Invicta. The brand has been using this sleazy marketing technique for a while now. What they do is they give the watch a MSRP 3x to 5x higher than what the timepiece is actually going to retail for.

For example, a 150$ Invicta will often be accompanied by a 500$ MSRP to make you think you got the deal of the century. Let's be honest, this marketing technique doesn't fool anyone but the most uninformed buyers. 

While this doesn't affect the quality of the watches directly, it gives off a snake-oil salesman vibe that many people dislike. 

Invicta Stores MSRP technique

As you can see in the picture above, taken directly from, the MRSP is alway obnoxiously high compared to the ''on sale'' price, even for a model that just got out.


When you buy a watch from a brand with a long history of great quality control, particularly if they produce their movements in-house, you can expect the timepiece to maintain at least some of its value over the years.

For example, the Seiko SNXJ89 was discontinued back in 2014, but pre-owned models still sell for over retail price.

In contrast, you are certain to lose most of the value of your Invicta the second you wrap it around your wrist. The explanation for this is quite simple: Invicta releases an enormous amount of new models every year.

The mind-boggling number of Invicta watches that come out every year dilutes the brand's name. By trying to appeal to literally every single consumer, Invicta focuses way more on quantity than quality.

Invicta Store New Arrival Page

For example, the ''New arrivals'' page of the Invicta Store currently displays 255 models.

Misleading Names

The misleading names are part of another questionable marketing method from Invicta. Jared Greenblatt points out two blatant examples in his brilliant Quora post:

  • Flame Fusion Crystal

A lot of Invicta watches are equipped with their branded ''Flame Fusion crystal''.  Invicta claims it is a super resistant hybrid between mineral and sapphire. In fact, it only is a mineral crystal with a very thin sapphire film on top. The name makes you think it is of very high quality, but in reality it's very similar to a mineral crystal.

  • Tritnite Lume

This is another prime example of naming that can confuse the average consumer. This nomenclature strongly resembles the tritium luminous phosphorescent. Tritium is a very high-quality lume that is used by upscale watch companies such as Rolex. Of course, Invicta's Tritnite lume is nowhere near tritium in terms of quality.

Customer Service

As is the case for quality control, customer service seems to be hit or miss depending on who you ask. Some people are very satisfied with the service they get, but there's also a very vocal crowd that's unhappy with how they were treated.

Invicta Consumer affairs reviews
Invicta Yelp reviews

As you can see above, Consumer Affaires and Yelp collected reviews for the brand from hundreds of people, and the average rating on both sites is a measly 1.5 stars. When looking at individual complaints, you quickly see how many people felt their claims were mishandled.

Common complaints include slow response time or even no response at all in some cases, a general uncooperative attitude from the staff and a lot of problems related to the warranty, which leads me to my next point.

Warranty Program

Invicta offers a 3-5 years warranty on all their watches, which might look great on the surface. In reality, this warranty is one of the worst in the watch industry. The warranty covers only the dial, hands and movement.

This excludes any problem related to the crystal, crown, case strap or battery. Even if your problem is covered by the program, it's still a pain in the neck to get a replacement or your money back. 

Invicta warranty card

For example, you will need to pay the shipping and/or service fees to Invicta, even if you're not responsible for the problem. Also, some minor maintenance might make you ineligible for warranty coverage. For instance, changing the battery on your quartz watch will void the warranty.

There's also a lot of stories of people trying to change their broken movement within 3 years of their purchase and Invicta always seems to find a reason why they can't change it for free. 

Fake Heritage

If you're part of the older crowd, you might be surprised to hear such bad things about Invicta. Back in the day, this brand was known as a great Swiss watchmaker that produced quality timepieces. 

This is very true, from 1837 to the 1990's Invicta was a good company that made traditional Swiss watches. In 1991, the business was sold to outside interests, which made the company take a dicey turn. 

Invicta vs Rolex GMT Master II

Ever since, the Invicta brand has no real identity: a lot of the watches they put out are replicas of famous models (such as the Rolex GMT or Submariner, as pictured above) and they almost never use in-house movements.

What's Good About Invicta Watches?

High-End Features

Of course, not every single aspect of Invicta is bad, there's a reason why they sell millions of units every year. Their main selling point is the number of features you get for the small price they charge. 

For instance, they offer a lot of sub-100$ watches that are equipped with technology usually found on timepieces worth 300$+. The Invicta 8926 is the perfect example: it packs a Japanese automatic movement (SII NH35), a display case back, 200m of water resistance, all that for under 80$.

Invicta 8926 on wrist

Invicta simply can't be beaten on the hardware at this price point. The competition is almost non-existent in this price range: except for the Seiko 5, you have very few choices but to get an Invicta.


This element ties in perfectly with the last one. Invicta watches are popular because they are so damn affordable. After the reduction from their insane MSRPs, these watches start at about 40$.

The prices can go up to almost a thousand dollars depending on the model, but they're always much cheaper than other similarly equipped timepieces. I can't recommend spending much money on Invictas, as there's a good chance you'll get a lemon and regret it.

On the other hand, I think a cheap (<100$) Invicta has its place in any watch collection. You just need to be prepared mentally for it to break eventually. 

Material Quality

The material used to make these watches isn't bad. For example, the stainless steel case or mineral glass they use will be as good as any other watches. That's why most (if not all) complaints are related to movement, alignment or manufacturing issues.

The material of their bands/bracelet/straps are usually up to par with the industry. Where you got to be careful is when you get a colored band, as there seems to be a lot of discoloration problems.

Beautiful Designs

Last but not least, Invicta has tons of amazing designs that will please just about anyone. Out of the thousands of models they created, it's almost impossible not to find one to your liking.

Not only do they create their original designs, they also have licensing deals with huge brands such as Disney, DC Comics and Garfield (just to name a few). These watches are loved by kids, but they also appeal to nerds like me.

Invicta Mickey Mouse Watch
Invicta superman watch
Invicta Garfield Watch

Also, Invicta is one of the few companies that offers as many women's watches as men's watches. There are a ton of options for all genders and ages, ranging from subtle and elegant to loud and outlandish.

Good Invicta Watches Recommendation

As I stated above, I can't personally recommend buying an Invicta watch above 100$, unless you have a lot of money to spare. The risk to reward ratio is just too great, so I encourage you to stay below the 100$ price point.

Best Quartz Invicta Under 100$

Invicta 8932 black

The Invicta 8932 has everything you need in a quartz watch, and it usually hovers around the 50$ price mark. Its 37.5mm case will sit comfortably on most men's wrists,  and its 11mm thickness will allow you to wear it with dress shirts.

The 8932 is equipped with the PC32A quartz movement. This is a cheap but efficient movement manufactured by Hattori, a Japanese company part of the Seiko Group. You can expect it to be precise and last for a while.

Since it is part of Invicta's Pro Diver line, it has a 200m water resistance. You might want to take this stat with a grain of salt, as water leakage is a common complaint on this model. It can be hard to believe Invicta really achieves 200m WR without a screw-down crown.

Of course, this watch's popularity comes from the classic it is based on, the Rolex Submariner. Indeed, the 8932 is pretty much a replica of the Submariner, except for a few details, such as the pattern of the bezel.

Best Mechanical Invicta Under 100$

Invicta 8928OB

The Invicta 8928OB is by far the most popular model currently sold by Invicta (according to sales numbers). Once again, this watch is priced well under 100$, and it offers good quality parts. 

This time, the Invicta timepiece is equipped with a NH35A automatic caliber. This is a workhorse movement produced by Seiko, offering great features such as hand-winding, hacking and a bi-directional oscillating weight.

Seiko NH35A Movement

The reliable NH35A caliber packs 24 jewels, beats at 21,600 bph and has approximately 41 hours of power reserve.

The case is a bit bigger than it is on the 8932, measuring 40mm. Men with <6'' wrists might want to steer clear of this watch to avoid lug overhang. The crown is screwed-down on the 8928OB, so the 200m water resistance is much more plausible.

Invicta Watches to Avoid

Any Invicta Sold On Cruise Ships

Invicta watches are commonly sold on cruise ships, in hotels or pretty much anywhere tourists are. As is expected from Invicta, they put them ''on sale'' for 70%+ of the MSRP. The problem is that they're always 1.5x to 2x more expensive than Amazon or eBay.

Cruise Ship at sea

Since you're usually more inclined to spend money on a cruise (for example, to bring back a gift) and also you have no point of reference (no access to the internet), Invicta  takes advantage of you by charging more then they would online.

This is why it's never recommended to buy an Invicta watch on a cruise ship (or other tourist locations) since you are guaranteed to pay higher than you would elsewhere.

Invictas Without Reviews

As so many new Invicta watches come out every month, a lot of them have no reviews on websites such as Amazon. You might be tempted to buy an Invicta watch with no review, simply judging it by the specs and pictures, but this might be a big mistake.

Since quality control is poor and there's no consistency with the parts they use, your best bet is to stick to well-known Invictas with lots of reviews. This way, you can  tell if they used quality parts for this particular timepiece, and you will also learn the most common issues with this model.


I think it's safe to say the quality of Invicta watches is up for debate, and the opinion will vary greatly from one collector to another.

If you're still unsure whether or not Invicta is the good brand for you, take a look at the pros and cons list below to help your decision.


  • Affordable mechanical watches
  • Tons of designs to choose from
  • Most buyers are satisfied


  • Bad quality control
  • Poor customer service
  • Unsatisfactory warranty

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  1. Levi

    I have a Subaqua Noma II 47mm, it has a quartz movement, bit heavy but otherwise totally ok, (so far..) oct,-19
    greetings, Levi

    1. Romeo's Watches

      Thanks for your input Levi!

    2. Anonymous

      I have a few Invictas. Couple of them are over 12 yrs old and never had an issue with them.

  2. Eddie

    Invicta has the most appealing watches on the market I own 30 and plan to buy more never had any problems none what so ever the oldest Invicta watch I’ve had for 4 years and it looks brand new and the highest price I’ve paid for a single Invicta was
    $500 and to this date have not regretted my choice the functions and look of the watches are incredible

    1. Romeo's Watches

      Thanks for your input Eddie!

    2. Melanie

      I totally agree. I am a collector of invicta watches as well and I absolutely LOVE them. I have owned Rolex and honestly I prefer Invicta. I have never had a problem with any of my Invicta and I continue to collect them

  3. Len Britton

    Thanks for your assessment.
    I have a gold plated Subaqua Noma3 over five years. No problems. Always admired by people. My Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, Rotary don’t generate the same attraction.

  4. Len Britton

    Thanks for your assessment.
    I have a gold plated Subaqua Noma3 over five years. No problems. Always admired by people. My Bulova, Citizen, Seiko, Rotary don’t generate the same attraction.

  5. Eric

    I own 5 Invicta watches and haven’t had a problem yet

    1. Romeo's Watches

      I’m glad to hear that Eric!

  6. Jeff Cox

    I too have more than a sane person should have, but I have bought one every payday for a while with a Citizen and Daniel Steiger mixed in.
    Have had no problems and the sellers on Ebay and Amazon, with one notable exception. And both Amazon and Ebay have been good as far dealing with any payment or delivery issues.

    P.S. The Daniel Steiger ranger model that I bought for 100 far out classes 95% of all the Invictas.

    P.S. x2 Very nice work Romeo.

    Good Hunting

  7. Keven

    I love my Invicta been buying them for a long time never had a problem

  8. Clarence Sweigart

    I owned several Invicta. I only had one that I had problem with. The date quit working but it still keep good time. This watch I purchase back 2012. All the rest of my invicta’s are working fine most of them are automatic. I have couple that are quartz movement only replace two of the batteries.
    I been please with my invicta’s.

  9. Michael Scarpa

    I own 35 + Invicta watches over all the quality is very good I switched to automatics because as watches need batteries I find myself bringing in 6 to 7 watches at a time to have the batteries replaced other than that I’m very happy with them.

  10. Timothy Giles

    I own 8 Invicta’s haven’t had issues, for those having issues buy direct not on line

  11. Eric arlen mootz

    I own 8 invicta watches and just bought the tourbillon I get stares at my watch everywhere I go and believe it is as good if not better than most sold anywhere. Sincerely Eric mootz

    1. Russ Miller

      Hey Eric, its Russ Miller. Small world. I too have a collection going and they’re great looking and also great gifts. No problems so far except for places that do maintenance hard to find. Move to AZ. Contact me.

  12. Danny

    Very professional explanation and thorough research, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    One tiny mistake I found here:
    “ The Invicta 8926 is the perfect example: it packs a Swiss automatic movement, a display case back, 200m of water resistance, all that for under 80$.”
    The fact is 8926 is sporting with the usual NH-35A Seiko movement instead of using Swiss made Sellita engine.
    I wish…🙂
    The closest to it with Swiss is the 9937OB.

    I love Invicta because of one main reason: the brand makes people to start watch collecting on the budget and let them grow up later and start to buy better quality watches. I started to collect watches with a $57 automatic pro diver about 12 years ago and now I am in the tier of sub $1000. I won’t start to collect watches with a $1,000 Seiko Tuna purchase for sure.
    Invicta has a soft spot in my heart always. They “fullfilled” their mission in my life and made me a happier person as a watch enthusiast no doubt.
    And I don’t think I am the only one in thousands.
    Thanks Invicta.

    1. Romeo's Watches

      Hey Danny,

      Thanks for taking your time to write such a complete comment. I’ve made the correction to the mistake you pointed out, and I’m glad you enjoy Invicta watches.

      Thanks for your input, and have a wonderful day!

  13. Troy

    If you own multiple quartz watches using batteries, are you aware that if you are not wearing the watch, you can simply PULL OUT the crown/stem and it STOPS the watch?
    Therefore not depleting the battery.

    I have been collecting Antique Wristwatches since 1977. I have over 200 hand wound and automatic watches made by:
    Elgin, Lord Elgin
    Rolex (a 1942 SS Oyster)
    and other watchmaker’s.

    As for my experience with Invicta? They are generally JUNK.
    The watches are consistently misrepresented as to qualify and workmanship.

    15 some years ago I bought an Invicta that was an “homage” to the Rolex GMT.
    Good quality Miyota Japanese automatic movement, exhibition/display back, nice Rolex style bracelet and
    “Solid Stainless Steel” case.
    The movement was great.
    The case? PLATED BRASS!!
    Within a year the case was losing its plating and looked like SH*T.

    Invicta is all about marketing watches to the generally uninformed.
    I used to buy my watches at garage sales, flea markets and pawn shops
    Then eBay came along.
    I still look for watches at these “venues” but most are now found on eBay.
    I have talked with salespeople at pawnshops and they generally agree with me that Invicta watches are crap, but people keep buying them, so they keep selling them!!

  14. Steve

    I own a invicta 18kt solid gold and steel ocean ghost from 2004. Looks just like Rolex. It has more gold in it than a 2004 Rolex. Been a great watch for the money.

    1. Anonymous

      Solid? Dont think so. Invicta would go bankrupt on making just one! Lmdao. U are the uninformed ppl are talking about! Solid gold?! Gimme a break. Plated. Cheaply. At best

      1. Anonymous

        You should stop thinking.You are not good at it. Ya solid gold links in the center and bezel the rest is steel.42 grams gold. it was made in 2003 and 2004.when gold was 200 dollars a gram. They could not make them now they would cost to much for the brand. They were 3 grand new. I got a leftover unit for 1,000. it is worth that in scrap value gold.almost today. A lot of people have scraped the bands due to the rise in gold prices lately. It looks like a yachtmaster steel and gold. can not tell the difference till you get up close and read the dial. I also have a Rolex and it has hollow links not solid back then. In 2003 and 2004 Invicta made a few cool watches in solid gold. It was a boom time before the 2008 market crash. It is the only years I would buy an Invicta and just a few of them.. The rest are just not my type of watch. Plated and cheap junk.

  15. jim

    I have over 30 invictas and zero issues. that said the co annoys me lol

  16. Wayne

    I am an avid SCUBA diver. I bought 2 Invicta’s because it was said they were great. Neither one lasted a year. Called and emailed them and I STILL have not heard 2 years later!

  17. Larry Roberts

    My Invicta watches are terrible, I own two , model 18202 and a model 0903, both reserves, had them a couple of years, rubber bands hardened and broke, they want $70 for a replacement band. Starting rusting, etc. I will never buy another one!

    If I could post pictures I would.

  18. Avanti

    No problem with my 9 Invicta watches. I love the larger 50 mm + cases and the large dials. Mine are all reliable. Only one is an automatic, it is Swiss Made with a Swiss movement, Grand Diver. $259 for a Swiss Made watch — where else can you find that? No problems with quality. Another thing is when I wear an Invicta, a lot of people notice, and many of them are Invicta collectors also. Its a fun hobby and its not expensive. I can wear a different style for every occasion. They also make great gifts, especially with women.

    1. Chuffer McCiao

      Swiss made? I seriously doubt that…

      1. H.Lowe

        Yes, Invicta sells Swiss Made watches with Swiss movements. The 33455 Pro Diver is one example. Some of the Reserve series is Swiss made, as Avanti states above. Invicta also makes watches that are not Swiss made, but have Swiss movements. The 14367 Angel is an example. Like most products, there are various price points of various quality…the more you pay, the better the quality as a general rule. That’s why GM sells both Chevrolets and Cadillacs. Invicta is no different. You can get a lower end Invicta made in Malaysia with a Japanese designed movement or a somewhat higher end Invicta made in Switzerland with a Swiss made movement.

  19. Richard

    I was recently gifted several Invicta watches. Was taken to the store and picked out 3 different styles. One larger and flashier, one sleeker but still edgy, and last is more classic design. All my friends that are really into watches love Invicta and have not had any issues with their Invicta watches over the years. First day I wore the watch I received compliments all day long. Everyone seemed to ask questions and give compliments. And the people who didn’t have an Invicta themselves said they would look into getting their own.

  20. J. Grisamore

    This is the only company I have found thanks makes nice watches for left hand people like myself that are affordable.

    1. Anonymous

      they do??

  21. chuffer McCiao

    I have one, and it’s the most tasteless piece of unnecessarily heavy junk in my collection. Pro divers are ok, everything else…good lord.

  22. Luis Carlos

    INVICTA is really bad quality for sure I will not buy it again

  23. Floyd A. Jackson

    I have owned a Invicta watch for 5 years and never had a problem. As a matter of fact, I bought two more Invicta watches two weeks ago during Black Friday week and the watches are absolutely beautiful. I bought the 58mm Reserve Automatic 33806 and 33807 models and I got it for the price of one. Beautiful to look at. It feels solid and secured on my wrist and most important of all, I love it and that’s all that matters. Who cares what the naysayers say.

  24. Ryan

    I have close to a 100 Invicta automatics the only problem I’ve had is with 2 I bought on eBay one runs fast the other too slow. One bracelet a pin comes out but I intend to change it anyway.

  25. F.Pinho

    I have more than 20 Invicta watches.
    All of them works well.
    Beautifoul ratio price quality


    1. Dominick russo

      Invicta has great quality at affordable prices I have 300 in my collection love Invicta!

  26. Larry

    I own from high end to low end brands (from Breitling and TAG to mushroom brand homage watches). While it’s unfortunate a few people have had a negative experience, the majority of owners have many Invicta watches, some into the dozens, others, like me, into the hundreds, and some even into the thousands.

    The obviousness of their quality for the price tag is undeniable. I’ve very rarely needed their customer service, but, when I did, it was far superior to Hamilton or Ball or other supposedly “better” brands that have let me down. Invicta hate is primarily a snob thing. Seiko is far worse, but gets lauded, lol.

  27. Timetraveler

    I own about 30 Invicta watches of various styles. I have some larger 50mm “chunky” watches all the way down to dress watches. The oldest is about eight years old. I have never had a single problem with any of them. I think a lot of the negative experiences are coming from people who have unwittingly purchased knock-offs of the brand. I always buy genuine. For the money, they simply have no equal. And, let’s keep it real, they all do the same thing whether $100 or $20,000: they keep time. It’s all a matter personal style and taste.

  28. Randall Duntz

    I have two invictas. Both broke within a year. I’ll never buy another

  29. Josh

    I got one basic diver watch on sale for $24.99 on Amazon.It is OK. But I am doubtful I get another.

  30. Jim Herndon

    I have two Invicta watches. Both 25 years old. Both Swiss movements. 18k gold and stainless. Great watches without issues.

  31. Anonymous

    I have six invictas and they all look great and run just fine. Never once had an issue with any of them. I have a pro diver, a grand pro diver limited edition, a Venum, a gladiator and a speed. I also have a Rolex (sucks) and a breitling (tremendous). I have never been more disappointed in a time piece like the money hording BULLSHT Rolex. Rolex sucks. I would take a Invicta over the Rolex any day. I am a man with big hands and thick wrists and Rolex always has to be sent back and fitted. What a piece of junk Rolex is not, is not all that. You have Invicta sponsor a golf tournament or a tennis match and Rolex take a back seat. Invicta will take over. Rolex has the fragile reputation that can be shattered at any time. Invicta and breitling are my choices. Never had one problem with any of my invictas.

  32. John

    Recently bought the hard to get Invicta Bart Simpson watch. Paid around 400 dollars. Everywhere I go people complement it! No problems what so ever! I love all my Invicta watches! Beware of cheap knock offs! I will always promote positive reviews for Invicta. Bear

  33. Anonymous

    Bill. I have 22 invictas,mostly all larger sizes , never a problem. Except the batteries,,, at this time I have 11 that need batteries,,,,,,you are looking at about 160.00 to replace all batteries. I sent one invicta back when I was worried about voiding warranty,,,,,,,never again ,,,,Took 11 weeks for return….. But all and all very satisfied with quality and price, I never paid more than 130.00 for any of my watches,,,,,👍

  34. Anonymous

    William. I have 22 invictas,mostly all larger sizes , never a problem. Except the batteries,,, at this time I have 11 that need batteries,,,,,,you are looking at about 160.00 to replace all batteries. I sent one invicta back when I was worried about voiding warranty,,,,,,,never again ,,,,Took 11 weeks for return….. But all and all very satisfied with quality and price, I never paid more than 130.00 for any of my watches,,,,,👍

  35. Richard Walker

    This post was very accurate. I bought a Pepsi Invicta on a cruise ship. I could have gotten it $50.00 cheaper online or some place else. This is a beautiful watch, red and blue, but it only lasted for about a month. The watch continued to keep a slower time than actual. I sent it for repair and it been more than 2 months and I haven’t received a response. I had to pay for shipping and inspection of the watch. I’m still waiting to hear back. This is the first and last one I will purchase. A piece of solid crap!

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