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The Seiko SKX is such an iconic watch, it seems like you can’t be an accomplished collector without owning one. Even though there are several options to choose from in the SKX lineup, almost everyone seems to be attracted by either the SKX007 or SKX009.

You hear lots of speculation online about these timepieces: some say they’re identical, some say they’re not, but how can you know who’s right? This article will dig deeper to find exactly what's different between the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009.

Seiko SKX007 vs 009 : What's different?

Here is the only physical difference between the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009: the color of the dial and bezel. The SKX007's black dial is paired with a black bezel, while the SKX009's deep blue dial comes with a red and blue (Pepsi) bezel. Everything else, including the movement, case, crystal, and general styling is exactly the same


The Skx007 sports a relatively monotonous bezel. The deep black is certainly the more conservative of the two, but it helps the watch fit more easily with tons of different outfits. On the other hand, the Skx009's bezel is covered with a much more flamboyant Pepsi color scheme.

The 009 is definitely more playful, but the Pepsi pattern is still considered a classic in the watch community, and it will get you the respect of watch collectors. Both models feature a uni-directionally  rotating bezel to measure diving time.


The Seiko Skx007's dial is very interesting because its color differs depending on the amount of light that's shined upon it. When under full light, the dial has a dark grey color, with a very small hint of a purple hue. When it gets a bit darker, the Skx007's grey color gets darker as well, turning to black. Again, we stay in a very sober color palette, which will appeal to a conventional clientele.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 dials

The Seiko Skx009's dial has an alluring deep blue dial that plays very nicely with the bezel's arrangement. The dial's blue is a bit darker than the bezel's blue, which makes the bezel stick out even more. The contrast between the red part of the bezel and the blue of the dial really makes the Skx009 standout, and is sure to get you compliments from people around you.

Both models have luminous phosphorescent applied to the hour marks and minutes/hours hands to help you read the time even in the dark. Seiko's lume is a notch above competition, so you can be assured to get a durable and bright lume.


The Seiko Skx007 and Skx009 have been in production for decades (under different monikers). Sadly, Seiko stopped producing these a couple of years ago, meaning you can't get them anymore from Seiko stores. Still, you can get ''brand new'' SKXs from e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Long Island Watch, etc.. 

Do they cost the same?

It's very hard to put a pin on the price of these watches since it fluctuates so much from supply and demand shifts. Below, you can see the 120 days graph of Amazon price variations for the SKX007 and SKX009

Seiko SKX007 amazon sales price

In the last 120 days, the SKX007's price was comprised in a bracket of $209 to $350 USD. The reason for this is huge price gap is the low supply (because it's discontinued), so ''droughts'' will cause massive price hikes (as pictured between Mars and June)

In the last 120 days, the SKX009's price was comprised in a bracket of $201 to $280 USD. As you can see above, there are less spikes in the SKX009's chart, but the price seems to be steadily climbing. This might predict a raise in the SKX009's popularity, as the SKX007's supply shortens.

Should you buy a pre-owned SKX?

Buying the SKX007/009 on the pre-owned market can be a very good idea, as you will be able to get a cheap price on a very sturdy/reliable timepiece. Additionally, older models were almost all made in Japan, contrary to most recent models, which were built in Malaysia. The quality is pretty consistent regardless where it comes from, but it's always nice to have an original Japanese piece.

However, your best option might be to buy the new Seiko 5KX (SRPD). It's not exactly the same as the SKX, but its styling is comparable.

Also, you could look into the Seiko SKX homage market, which offers much better specs than the original SKX for a lower price.

Quality Control

I think it’s always nice to look at the reviews history to find out more about the quality control of a watch. As you can see below, I compared the 3 Seiko SKX009 models available from Amazon (K1,K2, J1) to the 3 SKX007 models available (also K1,K2,J1).


Seiko SKX009 amazon reviews

The first two reviewed watches are the Malaysian-made versions of the SKX009. The K1 is equipped with a black rubber band, while the K2 is equipped with a stainless-steel bracelet.

As you can see above, the K1 has a bit more 1-star reviews than the K2. As we dig deeper into the reviews, we can notice the problem doesn’t stem from the band or bracelet, but almost every single complaint about the K1 is about how bad it keeps time.

As we get to the SKX009J1 review (Japan-made), it’s easy to see it has the best reliability and quality control of the bunch. The one-star and two-star reviews combined are only 7% of the total reviews, which is much less than the K versions.


Seiko SKX007 Amazon Reviews

The SKX007 bad review numbers are very similar across the board. The total of 1-star and 2-star reviews amounts to 17% for every Malaysian and Japanese model. Once again, the great majority of complaints are related to problems with the movement. Considering almost every SKX is sold without a warranty, this can be a huge bummer when you paid over 250$ for a watch.

It’s important to note that some bad reviews are related to the customer service from the watch dealer, but it’s also important to take this factor into account.

 With all this evidence, I have no choice but to say the SKX009’s quality control is a bit better than the SKX007. Also, if you have the option, you’re always better off buying the Japanese version as it seems more reliable.

Strap Polyvalence

Considering the OEM bracelet equipped on the Seiko SKX is sub-par, you're almost certain to get a third-party strap. The difference in styling between the SKX007 and SKX009 means they won't look as good on different types of bracelets/bands.

Leather band:

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 brown leather band

As you can see above, a brown leather band can look pretty good on both the SKX007 and SKX009. It's important to note that the SKX007 fits perfectly with dark brown straps, as opposed to the SKX009 which looks great with light brown (hazelnut) straps.

This is some important information if you plan on matching your watch to your belt and shoes, so you should buy the one that fits your pre-existing wardrobe.

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009 leather band

If you want a leather strap but you want something different than the usual brown color, you have a few options. If you own the SKX007, the black leather strap is perfect to give a uniform look to your piece.

On the other hand, black leather straps don't look as good on the SKX009, which explains why there's almost no picture of this combination on the Internet. Except for brown leather, I think the blue leather band pictured above is the best option for your SKX009.

Nylon Strap:

Seiko SKX007 Nylon Straps

As you can picture above, the SKX007 looks great when paired with a conservative nylon strap. Monotone colors, such as the black-and-grey combination on the left or the beautiful olive strap on the right, go perfectly with the design of the SKX007.

Seiko SKX009 Nylon Straps

If you're looking to get a playful/colorful nylon strap, the SKX009 is definitely your best bet. As you can see in the left picture above, people equip their SKX009 with all sorts of colorful straps, and it almost always looks good.

If you're more conservative with your watch wearing, but you're in love with the Pepsi bezel of the SKX009, you can still equip it with a monochrome strap (as pictured on the right) and it will also look great.

What's the same?

The Seiko Skx007 and Skx009 are very similar models, they only differ aesthetically from one another.

I will start by giving the characteristics these models have in common. If you already know the basics around these models, we suggest you skip directly to the ''What's different'' part.


Case Diameter



Case Thickness



Crystal Material

Hardlex glass

Hardlex glass

Band Width




7.04 Ounces

7.04 Ounces


Japanese automatic

Japanese automatic




SKX007 vs SKX009 table

When it comes to specs, nothing is really surprising from these models. The 42mm case diameter is pretty standard, and will fit most wrists.

The 13mm case thickness is a bit thicker than average, but it can be explained  by the automatic movement, which uses more space than quartz movements. 

The most uncommon aspect of the SKX line is the Hardlex crystal. It isn't that special, it's simply Seiko's branded version of mineral glass. It will be more resistant than acrylic crystals, but less resistant to scratches than a sapphire glass.

 The decision to use a Hardlex crystal is mostly to cut the price, but it's also important to note that Hardlex is less prone to shattering, compared to sapphire.

SKX009 bracelet vs band

Both models can be paired with either a stainless steel bracelet or a rubber band

For a watch equipped with a stainless steel case and bracelet, plus an automatic movement, the Skx isn't that heavy at 7.04 ounces. This is because the factory-equiped Jubilee bracelet is quite light compared to the competition. This can be seen as a positive, but it comes with inconveniences.

For example, a lot of the users complain about the rattling of the bracelet, and describe it as ill-fitting. This definitely shouldn't keep you from buying the watch, as you can find beautiful bracelet replacement for a cheap price. This will upgrade both the Skx007 or Skx009 from classy watches to head-turners.

The 7S26 automatic movement inside is as good as you could expect from any other Seiko watches. It is very reliable and gives a nice traditional feel to the timepiece. Even though Seiko doesn't give the official number for the power reserve, the consensus is that both the Skx007 and Skx009 have about 40 hours of reserve before needing to be wound again.

SKX007 SKX009 side to side


Get the skx007 if:

get the skx009 if:

  • You want conventional styling
  • You prefer darker colours
  • You want a subtle timepiece
  • You love Pepsi Bezels
  • You like attention to your wrist
  • You need more color in your collection

We hope this guide helped you a bit by pointing out the main differences between the Seiko Skx007 vs the Seiko Skx009. Leave us a comment if we missed anything, or if you want some additional information on either model.

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