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If you're part of the watch modding community, you've certainly heard good things about Namoki Mods before. They're one of the biggest providers of Seiko mods on the market, with plenty of parts available for the SKX/5KX, Turtle, Sea Urchin, etc...

Namoki Mods Logo (1)

Although their mods are praised by thousands of collectors around the globe, it's a lesser-known fact that they also sell fully-built timepieces. In this article, I will review the Namoki Mods NMK05 to shine a bit more light on this part of their offering!


Namokimods nmk05

Case Diameter




Lug Width




You'll probably notice that the NMK05 is sized almost exactly like the Seiko SKX. This is because it is basically a fully-modded Seiko SKX with no original parts left.

This means that every single component you'll read about in this article can be purchased as a standalone mod for your Seiko SKX007/009 (or for the new 5KX).

Namokimods NMK05 on wrist (2)

Above, you can see the Namoki NMK05 sitting on my 6,25'' wrist. To me, mid-sized diver's watches like this one are perfect for men with small to medium wrists like mine, but this one should also be suitable for larger wrists.

The only measurement that differs from the Seiko SKX is the thickness.  The NMK05 is approximately 2mm thicker, which is explained by its slightly domed crystal (a bit more on that later on).


Namokimods nmk05




Double Domed Sapphire

Water Resistance

200m / 20 bar


60-min Steel Insert


Solid 316l Steel

There's a lot to unpack about the Namokimods NMK05. Let's start with the movement!

This watch is powered by the Seiko Instruments NH35a automatic caliber. In the last few years, this has become the gold standard for microbrands in this price range. 

There's a reason for the NH35's ubiquity; it's unbelievably reliable. Ask around, you'll hear dozens of stories of people getting their NH35 to keep running after 10+ years without a service.

Also, the accuracy is pretty decent for this price point (expect +-10 sec/day). There's nothing impressive about the specs (22 jewels, 21,600 bph, 40 hours power reserve, etc...), but it's what allows this movement to be so sturdy & reliable.

As a bonus, the NH35a can be hand-wound and hacked, two sought-after functions in the mechanical watch community.

As I mentioned earlier, the Namoki NMK05 is equipped with a slightly domed sapphire crystal. As you can see above, the inclination is barely visible, so I think the word "curved" would be more appropriate.

Sapphire is always a reflective surface, but this is especially true for a curved crystal like this one. To remedy this problem, Namoki applies a layer of anti-reflective coating on the underside of the crystal. This helps keep the glare to a minimum without adding an easy-to-scratch surface on top of the glass.

It's also good to note that it is a double-domed crystal. This means that the dial will always look the same, no matter which angle you're looking at it from. This isn't true for a single-domed crystal, which will always distort the view.

namokimods nmk05 bezel insert

The NMK05's "stock" bezel has a steel insert with the iconic red triangle that's associated with vintage Subs and Tudor Black Bays. However, I decided to swap this one out for Namoki's DSSD Insert

As you can see below, this new insert has a fully graded 60-minute scale, which makes it look more like the Rolex Milsub. Furthermore, this insert is made of ceramic, which is much more scratch-resistant than steel, but also easier to shatter.

Namokimods nkm05 DSSD bezel insert

Since I was changing the insert, I decided to go all out and swap the bezel as well. Instead of the sub-edge pattern that came with the NMK05, I chose Namoki's coin-edge bezel. This isn't true to the Milsub, but I've always preferred the firm grip of a coin-edge bezel on my dive watches.

Additionally, this one matches the NMK05's crown, which makes it look way better in my opinion.

namokimods nmk05 coin edge bezel

The last component I want to talk about is the brushed Oyster bracelet of the NMK05. I honestly think it's on par with bracelets you'd get from a $1,000+ watch.

For instance, it has solid links all over (including the end-links), a thick machined deployant clasp, plenty of micro-adjustments, and beefy spring bars. The finish is flawless and it feels super comfortable and secure on the wrist.

Namoki nmk05 bracelet

Even if the NMK05 doesn't strike a chord with you, you should definitely get this bracelet for your Seiko SKX/5KX as it is a no-brainer upgrade.


Namokimods nmk05


Milsub/Vintage Sub


Swords + Arrow


Vintage Submariner


Superluminova C3


316l Steel

With the OEM bezel on, the Namoki NMK05 is meant to be a vintage Submariner homage. However, these sword hands are better-known for their appearance on the Rolex Milsub.

namokimods nmk05 hands

If you're not too familiar with the Milsub, it was a military-issued Submariner dating back to the 1950s. The army ditched the usual Mercedes hands for these much simpler sword hands. This made the watch exponentially more legible and straightforward.

The NMK05's indices are the same you would find on any other vintage Rolex Submariner. If you look closely, you'll notice that these indices, as well as the hands, have a slightly yellowish hue to them.

Namokimods nmk05 indices

This is because Namoki applies a layer of creamy patina lume on these parts to give the NMK05 a true vintage look during daytime. It is a Superluminova C3 formula with added yellow pigments for the aforementioned patina look.

As you can see in this lume shot, it shines brightly and will last for a good amount of time. This shouldn't come as a surprise since Superluminova is the most respected lume brand in the industry.

namokimods nmk05 lume shot

For the NMK05, Namoki uses their NMK909 42mm Submariner SKX case.  This one features a mix of polish and brushing on the case back, polished sides, and brushed lugs. The level of finish is similar to what you'd expect from an OEM Seiko watch, which is a very good thing.

When bought as a standalone part, the NMK909 case can be sold with or without drilled lugs. Unfortunately, this option isn't offered when buying the NMK05 watch as a whole.


Namokimods nmk05


≈$380 USD

Brand Recognition


The base price of the NMK05 is in Singapore dollars, so the pricing will vary a bit depending on the exchange rate and the current sales. However, you can expect your watch to cost around $380 USD.

At this price point, the Namokimods NMK05 might be the best bang-for-the-buck Rolex Milsub / Vintage Sub homage on the market right now. It offers high-end components you would usually find on a $1,000+ watch.

namokimods nmk05 misalignment

However, I must mention that the example I received has a slight misalignment between the bezel and dial at the 3 o'clock position. I can live with this small defect since it's pretty common for microbrands to have such misalignments (it's usually what differentiates a $500 watch from a $5,000 watch).

If your NMK05 is too misaligned for your tolerance level, simply send it back to Namokimods within 14 days and they'll refund you or send a better-aligned model.

I gave the NMK05 a "Medium Brand Recognition" rating since Namokimods is a very well-respected brand in the modding community. Another watch enthusiast that spots the Namokimods logo on your NMK05 will likely spark a conversation with you.

Namokimods nmk05 logo 2

In conclusion, I think the Namokimods NMK05 is a great bargain that can go toe-to-toe with any other Milsub homage and give it a run for its money.

If you're able to look over the slight misalignments, you'll be rewarded with top notch components that'll make the NMK05 feel like a million bucks on your wrist!


  • Outstanding Value
  • High-End Components
  • Well-Established Brand


  • Slight Misalignments
  • Ships from Singapore

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