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With so many strap companies on the market, it can be hard to make a buying decision. Furthermore, most companies source their straps from the same Chinese warehouses, which gives a false sense of having tons of options.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to judge a strap's quality without wearing it first. For this reason, you need a guinea pig like me to test the straps for you.

In this article, I'm going to round up what I've learned from the past month testing out three Strapsco watch bracelets. 

Strapsco Suede Quick Release Strap

SNK807 w strapsco brown suede

The first strap I chose was this brown suede leather band. I used to have a Fullmosa strap on my SNK807, but I got tired of the glossy finish.  Instead, I opted for suede since it has a brushed finish which is non-reflective.

As you can see above, this gives a high-end look to this Strapsco band. Also, it has a very thick profile, which adds to the high-quality feel. Not only does this make it comfortable and secure on your wrist, but it also looks amazing.

Strapsco brown suede thickness

Another thing I noticed is that the sides of the band are kind of "waxed" (for a lack of a better word), which makes it feel super durable. This is better than the competition, which simply glues a few layers of leather on top of each other.

As I said, the comfort & style of the Strapsco suede leather band make it feel like a much pricier bracelet. It kind of gave a second life to my SNK807 which I wasn't wearing anymore. Ever since I've put it on this Strapsco, I've received tons of compliments.

Strapsco brown suede buckle and loop

However, I must admit that there're a few disappointing features that I must mention. For instance, the loop feels flimsy and thin, and it moves around a bit too much for my tastes.

Additionally, the buckle feels a bit plasticky and light, so it could easily be improved upon. Also, the stitching of my strap is a bit off-white/yellowish, which doesn't match with my SNK807's numerals.

Strapsco Brown Suede Strap underside

Nonetheless, I'm very impressed with the Strapsco suede leather band for this price point. It is a bracelet that I'd recommend in a heartbeat to anyone looking for something affordable that'll look good even on mid/high-end watches.

Strapsco Rubber Strap w/ Stitching

Strapsco Blue Rubber on wrist

I was getting tired of the stainless steel bracelet on my Mako II, so I decided to switch things up with a blue Strapsco rubber strap with white stitching.

What piqued my interest in this strap was the number of reviews saying that people use this one for their luxury watches.

Strapsco rubber strap review
Strapsco rubber strap review mobile

As you can see above, people use this Strapsco rubber band on their Rolex Explorer, Tag Heuer, Aquis, etc. This gave me a lot of confidence that it would be great for my Mako II. 

Once again, the first thing I noticed was how thick this strap is. It starts out pretty thick towards the buckle, but it gets even beefier towards the lugs. As you can see below, this part of the strap is embossed which gives it even more heft.

Strapsco Blue Rubber strap embossed

This is perfect for bigger dive watches (42mm+ case/ 22mm+ lug width) like my Mako 2 as it gives it a truly imposing presence on your wrist. However, I would've like to see one more sizing hole since there's still a bit of space between my wrist and the watch, even at the smallest configuration.

Granted, I have 6.25'' wrists, so I guess that's on me for having puny bones. However, the Strapsco rubber band is still comfortable and fun-to-wear, even for small-wristed folks like me.

Underneath the strap, there's a carved area that is said to help your wrist stay cool on warm summer days. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to test this out myself since I live in Quebec (it's around -20°C at this time of the year).

Orient Mako II on Strapsco Blue rubber strap

I'm very satisfied with the color of the strap. As pictured above, it matches my Mako II's dial almost flawlessly. However, rubber tends to discolor over a certain period of time. Having only worn it for a month, I can't pronounce myself on whether or not this strap will have discoloration problems down the road.

The stitching on this strap has a crisp white color that matches my Mako 2's numerals. It's a nice aesthetic addition since there's no actual purpose for stitching on rubber. I would've loved to see a blue rubber/red stitching combination to match my Pepsi bezel, but it's sadly not available.

Blue Strapsco Rubber strap underside

In conclusion, the Strapsco Rubber Strap w/ Stitching is another band that punches way above its price point. However, there're still a few inconveniences like the cheap buckle, lack of sizing hole, and possible discoloration over time.

Strapsco Seat Belt Nato Strap

Strapsco blue seat belt nato on wrist

To be 100% honest, the Nato strap is my least favorite of the three. This doesn't mean that it's a bad strap, it's just that I had to work with it a bit to get it as comfortable as possible.

For instance, when you take this one out of the packaging it is stiff as a board. I couldn't even wrap it around my wrist, so I had to play with it for five minutes before it started to feel malleable. After that, It took a good 4-5 hours of wearing it before it truly got accustomed to my wrist.

Strapsco Blue Seat Belt Nato

My second gripe with it is that the stitching near the buckle had a sharp edge which dug into my wrist and made it hurtful to wear. To remedy this, I've filed the edge with a nail file and burned the excess fabric. Since then, it's been a charm to wear and very comfortable.

One thing I've noticed is that my Invicta 8928's lugs seem to protrude a bit more since changing from steel to a Nato strap. Of course, this isn't Strapsco's fault at all, but you still need to take this into consideration when using a nylon strap on your dive watch.

Invicta 8928 Strapsco Nato

However, I think that my 8928 looks much better with this blue Nato strap. The OEM bracelet felt a bit too blingy for me (too much gold), whereas the navy blue color of this strap brings it down to a more humble level. 

Additionally, my Invicta 8928 is now much more suited for physical activities or simply for wearing on warmer days.

Strapsco Seat Belt Nato underside

As a whole, I'm pretty happy with the Strapsco Seat Belt Nato, but I've had to work a bit for it to reach optimal comfort.

To conclude, I think Strapsco make high-quality straps for a very affordable price. They offer hundreds of straps all available in tons of colors and stitching options.

My experience with the customer service was good, and the straps arrived within 48 hours (granted, I live 30 minutes away from their distribution center). Also, the packaging is neat, and I think it would make a perfect stocking-stuffer for any watch enthusiast.

Let me know in the comments what's your experience with the Strapsco company and if you would recommend the brand to your friends!

Disclaimer: Strapsco gave me the straps free of charge. In no way did this affect my impartiality during this review.

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  1. Peter

    My experience with Strapsco is that neither of the 2 orders I made in September 2021 were delivered and was of the date writing this (November 23, 2021) Strapsco do not provide a contact telephone number . I ordered 4 straps in 2 orders in September 2021 & have not received ANY of them. Strapsco informed me 1 of my orders was returned to them by their courier though my correct delivery information was provided & confirmed. Michael reimbursed me $ 39.98 though I paid $ 45.95. I am still awaiting on my second order from September 6, 2021. As I said Strapsco can’t be contacted by phone ! Sadly I can not recommend Strapsco. I understand Martin is the owner. I’m not happy Martin as there are other REPUTABLE online vendors available that follow through as advertised by them and that DO deliver what one buys & pays for. MY experience is that Strapsco do not.

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