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It’s hard to beat G-Shock in terms of ruggedness. As a matter of fact, I think their logo should appear next to “Bombproof” in the dictionary.

g-shock dw5600 bproof

Unfortunately, the majority of G-Shock watches are humongous, making us slender-wristed folks feel a bit left out.

However, there’s still a ray of hope for small wrists; the Casio G-Shock DW-5600. In this article, I will explain why I think it’s the best G-Shock watch for small wrists!

MeasurementsG-Shock DW-5600
Case Diameter43mm
Case Thickness13mm
Lug Width23mm

As someone with small wrists, I scoured the internet for a tiny G-Shock, but most people recommended getting a Baby G instead. As I was about to step on my last bit of manliness and get a Baby G, an angel came down from heaven: the DW-5600.

g-shock dw5600 on wrist

Its square case makes this G-Shock wear extremely small, so it looks amazing on my 6.25” wrist. As you can see above, there’s no lug overhang, no strap that sticks out too much, it’s just perfect!

Although it fits on small wrists, I still consider the DW-5600 a bulky piece. You might have difficulty sliding it under shirt cuffs, and you will definitely feel its presence all day.

Fortunately, it’s very comfortable despite the bulkiness, which makes it the perfect tool watch.

SpecificationsG-Shock DW-5600
Movement3229 Module
Water Resistance200m / 20 bar
FunctionsStopwatch, Timer, Alarm, EL Backlight

Just because it’s small and affordable doesn’t mean the DW-5600 isn’t as good as other G-Shocks.

Of course, it doesn’t have a fancy GPS system or atomic clock like higher-end models do, but it can compete in every other way.

g-shock dw5600 water resistance

For instance, it has 200m of water resistance, which is now G-shock’s standard. This means that you can take your DW-5600 underwater every single day and it will feel at home, even at deeper levels.

The Casio 3229 module powering the DW-5600 keeps time with a basic quartz movement. Accordingly, it will be accurate to around +-15 sec/month.

Considering the fact that it has a pre-set calendar up until 2099, you will basically only have to set the day & date about once a year. Depending on which functions you use, the battery should last 2-5 years.

g-shock dw5600 alarm

Speaking of which, the DW-5600 has three main functions; Stopwatch, Countdown timer, and alarm.

The one I use the most is definitely the countdown timer. Whether it’s to measure cooking time, a meditation session, or something similar, you will certainly find a reason to use this function at least once a day.

After that, the alarm function is probably the one I enjoy the most. I use it mostly on trips when I don’t have access to my regular alarm clock, or if I want to make sure that I’ll wake up even if my cellphone battery dies.

g-shock dw5600 case back

I’m not a sporty person so I barely use the stopwatch, but I think runners and gym-goers will certainly find this function to be vital.

One function I do find myself using quite a bit is Casio’s famous electro-luminescent backlight. This one provides a bright green light that will outshine any traditional analog watch lume.

DesignG-Shock DW-5600
StylingTool Watch

Although the word G-Shock is now often associated with bulky round watches with tons of buttons, the original G-Shock was actually square.

Indeed, Casio introduced the DW-5000 square G-Shock in 1983 to get into the rugged watches industry. As you can see below, the original G-Shock is almost indistinguishable from the DW-5600.

G Shock DW-5000 1983

It might be a bit weird to say for a digital watch, but I think it can be described as a vintage timepiece.

What makes the square G-Shock so popular is its simplicity and straightforward looks. There’s no extra touch to make it stylish, but this is what gives it all its charm.

As Casio mentions on its website:

“The DW5600 can be worn from the skate park to the office.”

This square G-Shock is sold in a plethora of colorways, but I feel like the matte black version is the most appealing. Not only is it the original colorway of the DW-5000, but this matte black case gives it an understated look that matches the basic vibe of the watch.

G-Shock dw-5600 colorways

However, you can get the DW-5600 for $40-$50 on most websites. For such a cheap price, nothing’s stopping you from buying 2-3 different colorways to match your outfit of the day.

At this price point, I think the G-Shock DW-5600 can be seen as a premium Casio F91-W with added ruggedness and a slightly better brand recognition.

g-shock dw5600 sideview

As you can see in my wrist shot above, this watch is my favorite when it comes to changing car tires, putting together a piece of Ikea furniture, going to the gym, etc…

The resin case and bracelet are almost indestructible so you should expect your DW-5600 to keep on running for dozens of years, even if you take it through hell and back.

It’s also quite surprising how classy this G-Shock can be. Its small size, square case, and understated styling make it fly under the radar. Of course, it won’t compete with a Grand Seiko, but it’s definitely the best-suited G-Shock for a business-casual outfit.

In conclusion, I think the Casio G-Shock DW-5600 is undoubtedly the best bang-for-the-buck G-Shock watch on the market.

Also, it might be the only model that’s perfectly suited for small wrists. Fortunately, it has all the important features that you’d expect from any other G-Shock pieces.

Priced below $50, you can’t really go wrong with the DW-5600, and I also think that it will make a perfect gift for men of all ages (including teenagers).


  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect for small wrists
  • Vintage styling


  • Stiff bracelet
  • Very common

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