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Watches always seem to be more fascinating in movies. Whether it's the fact that they're worn by people we admire, or how mysterious they can be, a watch always gets some "collector points" when worn in an iconic movie.

For instance, tons of people are wondering "what watches are worn in the John Wick movies"? It can be hard to answer this question by yourself. Indeed, it's always troublesome to get a good sight of a timepiece in a fast-paced action movie. Also, John Wick's favorite watch brand is unknown to the average person.

Without further ado, let's dissect what watches does the John Wick cast wears!

Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate

Carl F Bucherer Manero Autodate

Although John Wick is a man of action, he still has fancy tastes in watches. Indeed, his wrist ornament of choice is a Swiss timepiece that retails for $2,600; the Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate. 

This is a 42mm timepiece with a black alligator strap ( REF: 10908.08.13.01) which matches his black leather attire. One peculiar thing that you've probably noticed is that John wears his watch on the inside of his wrist.

John Wick watch inside wrist

Many people wrongly assume that it's worn this way to avoid breaking during his acrobatics. However, wearing a watch on the inside is quite common in the military for two reasons:

1-It reduces the glare of the crystal, which could compromise your position

2-It's easier to read while aiming with your weapon

While $2,600 might seem exaggerated for a watch that's going to take a beating, the high price comes with one essential feature: a highly-accurate movement. Indeed, the Manero is powered by Carl Boucherer's own CFB 1965 caliber, which provides the accuracy needed for John Wick's synchronicity.

John Wick watch inside wrist 2

However, there's one feature of the Manero Autodate that makes no sense for an action-movie hero: the 30m water resistance rating. This low rating means that the watch can't be submerged, a big inconvenience for someone that gets into underwater gun fights

It's also good to note that the Carl Bucherer Manero Autodate is strongly inspired by 1960s dress watches, which come from the same era as John Wick's beloved Ford Mustang. 

John Wick Winston's Watch (Ian Mcshane)

John Wick isn't the only character of the series that sports a Manero Autodate. Winston (portrayed by Ian McShane), is probably the second most important character next to John Wick. In a few scenes, he can be spotted wearing the Manero Autodate.

However, this one is the black dial version. As you can see above, it's almost identical to the white dial version, except for the Carl F. Bucherer logo which is painted red. This might not seem like a big difference, but I think it gives a totally different vibe to this iteration.

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Peripheral

Carl F Bucherer Manero Peripheral

High-end Swiss timepieces are not exclusive to men, women are also quite fond of the Carl Bucherer brand. For instance, Sofia (played by the gorgeous Halle Berry) can be seen wearing the Manero Peripheral in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

This is also a very elegant watch, but it's much pricier than John Wick's piece. Coming in at $9,700, the Peripheral is truly a unique watch that's certain to get noticed. While the base model is much cheaper ($6,800), the one worn by Halle Berry is encrusted with 60 diamonds on the bezel, adding a hefty markup to the price. 

John Wick Halle Berry Watch

This timepiece gets its name from the CFB A2050 movement inside, which is equipped with a peripheral rotor (this gives a better view of the movement through the case back).

The Manero Peripheral also has a few distinguishing features such as the small second hand subdial and 3 o'clock date display. Furthermore, the sapphire crystal on this timepiece is domed, which is once again a nod to the 1960s vintage watches.

Other Carl F. Bucherer Watches

If you're wondering what other characters are wearing in the John Wick movies, there's a good chance that it's also a Carl F. Bucherer. The reason is quite simple: both Keanu Reeves (who plays John Wick) and Chad Stahelski (the director) are huge fans of the brand.

John Wick Carl F Bucherer

Furthermore, Carl Bucherer started sponsoring the movie (starting from the 2nd opus), giving a watch to every actor for the movie premiere. Not only do they provide watches for many characters, but you can also see a few product placements (like billboards) many times in the movie.

Also, Carl F. Bucherer created a limited edition (50 units) of the Patravi ScubaTec piece exclusively for actors and important cast members. The watch is pretty similar to the normal ScubaTec, but it has a special "John Wick" engraving on the back. However, this timepiece wasn't featured in a John Wick movie (yet).

Carl F Bucherer Limited Edition John Wick

After the huge marketing success of displaying their watches in John Wick movies, Carl F. Bucherer repeated the process in different films such as Atomic Blondes, The Fast and The Furious, and Deadpool 2.

Why does the John Wick & Carl F. Bucherer
collaboration work so well?

Many brands tried to promote their watches unsuccessfully in movies before. Usually, they use tacky techniques such as saying the brand's name out loud or zooming in on a watch for absolutely no reason.

However, Carl F. Bucherer watches are not force-fed to you in the John Wick movies, they are tastefully integrated in the story without feeling out of place at all. If you do see the watch in a shot, there's a reason for it, and it's built into the plot of the story.

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    The Manero Autodate that John Wick wears is a 38mm case, not 42mm. I own the watch and it’s a bit small for my taste both case and strap. Not sure why John Wick would wear such a dainty watch.

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    Lewallen is correct. Also Winston wears 42 mm which is the wrong photo (38 mm). Dial designs are slightly different between 38 mm and 42 mm Manero AutoDate.

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